What are Sola wood flowers?

Eco-friendly & Environmentally Responsible


Sola wood flowers, also known as Tapioca wood or Balsa wood, are handcrafted and eco-friendly.  Natural Sola wood is shaped into petals and formed into blossoms.

* Custom colour requests are welcome!

We'll work with you to match your wedding theme, or compliment your stylish home décor. 

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* Sola wood flowers don't die or fray - a great option for forever bouquets and other arrangements.

Sola wood is a naturally derived paper product.  It is 100 per cent biodegradable, sustainable material.  

Sola wood flowers are a handmade and eco-friendly product with natural variations, so no two flowers are exactly alike.  Accent blossoms made from paper, book pages, burlap, denim, and sheet music are up-cycled with care.

* We compliment our Sola wood and other eco-friendly flowers by using 100% natural greens and wreaths to build our arrangements.  NO PLASTIC OR SILK!  You will be proud to display your eco-friendly Sola wood flower arrangement, which in turn will last forever, without you taking extra steps to preserve it.

Each of our handcrafted Sola wood flowers are available in over 44 colour varieties; anywhere from black or white or primary colours, to deep shades or bright tones or pastels.  Specialty flowers are available in limited colours.  Fabric and paper flowers are used to embellish arrangements.  Every flower is eco-friendly.

What colours are available?

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